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Personal Loans

Get an award-winning low rate personal loan with no ongoing or early repayment fees.

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Get an award-winning personal loan


Fixed & Comparison rate*

Rate based on an outstanding credit rating and financial position. Learn more

No unnecessary fees

Enjoy no ongoing or early repayment fees on our Personal Loan.

Fast turnaround

Get speed service! Apply in just 5 minutes and get a decision outcome in one business day.

Fair rates

Our fixed interest rates are risk-based, meaning the better your credit history, the better your interest rate.

Apply in 4 easy steps

Calculate your loan repayments

To get started use our repayment calculator. Select your loan purpose, credit situation and loan requirements.

Apply online in minutes

Gather your ID and financial details to complete our quick 5 minute application form.

Confirm your identity

You'll be prompted to perform a digital ID check with a photo of your ID and headshot. It's as easy as a selfie!

Connect your bank statements

Connect to digitally send us 90-days of transactions quickly and securely via our bank statements retrieval feature, powered by illion.

Get a fast result

Once you've completed your application, we won't keep you waiting. You'll know your application outcome in as little as one business day. If approved, and once your loan contract has been signed - we'll send the funds to your designated account.

A fair go means zero Alex Bank fees

That's right. we've scrapped the fees to give you a fairer go when it comes to your personal loan.

See our credit fee guide

The fees we won't hit you with...

$0 - Establishment fees

$0 - Monthly account fees

$0 - Early repayment fees

$0 - Late payment fees

What is an unsecured personal loan?

An unsecured personal loan offers flexibility by not being tied to an asset, meaning you can fund purchases without needing an asset for security (such as a car or house).

Our guide to personal loans

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What can I use an Alex Bank unsecured personal loan for?

We know that everyone's wants and needs are different. That's why our personal loans can be used for a variety of reasons. Borrow between $2,100 - $30,000 and access flexible repayment terms between 6 months to 7 years.

Buying a car or vehicle

Dreaming of a new or second hand car? Get on the road sooner with an Alex Bank personal loan.

Home renovations

Sick of your old kitchen or bathroom? Realise your home reno aspirations sooner with an Alex Bank personal loan.

Making a major purchase

Got a large purchase on your list you need help funding? Whether it's a boat, caravan, motorbike, wedding, new puppy or travel we've got an option for you.

Investing in solar power

Looking to be more eco-friendly? You could use our personal loan to invest in solar panels, solar hot water systems, solar batteries, electric vehicle charging stations and more.

Fund a holiday

Thinking about your next trip? Our personal loans can help get you there and turn your dreams into reality.

Medical expenses

Whether unexpected or planned, take the stress out of medical and dental expenses with an Alex Bank personal loan.

Education expenses

Need help getting ahead? Our personal loan could help you cover out of pocket education and study costs.

Debt Consolidation

Juggling too many debts? You could streamline your debts into a single manageable repayment with a debt consolidation personal loan.

Unsecured Personal Loan

Get a competitive rate, and flexible repayment options with our award-winning unsecured personal loan.

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Secured Personal Loans are here

A secured personal loan is a personal loan that uses a car as security. You will generally get a lower interest for a secured personal loan in comparison to a unsecured personal loan. 

The Alex Secured Personal loan is now available through our reputable broker partners.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How is my personalised rate determined?

    Rates are personalised depending on your credit history, financial circumstances and how much you are looking to borrow over what time. Take a look at our easy to use Loan Calculator to estimate your rate.

  • Does Alex Bank accept joint Personal Loan applications?

    No, at this stage we only accept applications in individual names.

  • Can I apply if I don’t have suitable ID?

    No, we must be able to identify you with an Australian Driver’s Licence or Australian Passport for our online ID systems to identify you securely.

  • Are there any fees?

    We’ve made our personal loan as fair as possible with no ongoing or early repayment fees.
    Check out all the fees we won't hit you with.

    • $0 monthly account fees

    • $0 early repayment fees

    • $0 late payment fees

    See our credit fee guide for more information.

  • How often can I pay off my loan?

    We’re flexible. You can make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. You can also pay out your entire loan amount at any time without any extra fees. We won’t penalise you for getting ahead!

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Get a competitive rate, and flexible repayment options with our award-winning unsecured personal loan.

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