Credit Fees Guide

Last Updated 24 January, 2022

Alex Bank Pty Ltd (ABN 13 627 244 848)

Credit Fees Guide – Personal Loans

For new loans, additional loans and loan increases
Establishment Fee (To cover our costs associated with establishing your loan) $NIL
Account Service Fee (To maintain the costs of keeping the account) $NIL
Other services fees and charges you may have to pay
Late Payment Fee $20
Default Fees (Fees are charged when a notice is issued or legal action commenced because your account is in default) Legal Fees – Not ascertainable today.  Charged at cost as applicable
Statement Reproduction Fee (Paper copy) $NIL
Paper Statement (Payable when we issue you with a paper statement of your account) $NIL
Early Termination Fee (When your loan is repaid or you refinance the loan through another credit provider) $NIL
Fees which may be payable on termination of your loan
These fees and charges are applicable to new loans at the time of printing however are subject to change including the addition of new fees and charges. You must pay the fees and charges applicable from time to time. Actual fees and charges may vary for individual applications. Alex Bank Pty Ltd reserves the right to not refund any fees incurred.