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How do Alex.Bank’s rates work?

Learn about our personalised rates.

Let’s get personal

Life isn’t one size fits all, and neither is your financial position.

That’s why at Alex.Bank our Personal Loan rates are personalised. This means we don’t have one set interest rate, but rather a range of interest rates that we can personalise to your circumstances.

When assessing your application, we’ll look at your overall financial position and offer you a personalised rate.

The better your position – the better the rate we’ll be able to offer.

Our personalised rate range

Your financial position isn’t just about your credit score. You’re more than just your credit score and there are multiple factors that we take into account - such as your transactional behaviour and employment stability.

That’s why Alex.Bank only offers you a final rate once you’ve completed your full application.

12.74% p.a. — 22.74 % p.a.

Fixed and Comparison rate*, 1-5 year terms only.

Get an idea of your estimated rate before you apply

Use our Personal Loan Calculator to get an estimate of what your interest rate could be before you submit an application.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are some factors that Alex Bank use to calculate my overall rate?

    Your Equifax credit score plus a range of information such as your transactional behaviour and employment stability.

  • Can I negotiate my rate with the Alex Bank team if I don’t like my initial offer?

    We are always happy to speak with you regarding your offer. You can contact us at or on 13 ALEX.  

  • I used the Alex Bank Personal Loan Calculator to get an estimate of my rate before applying, but my offered rate came back much higher than initially estimated. How can I understand the rate I’ve been offered?

    There are many factors that could have influenced this. We are always happy to discuss your individual application result. Contact us at or on 13 ALEX to discuss.

  • Where can I find my credit score?

    You can get your credit score for free from Equifax here.

  • Who can I talk to if I have questions about my credit score?

    You can start with us at or on 13 ALEX, or contact Equifax directly.  

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