A bank that gets me
a better banking experience

We’re an energetic team of bankers who are building Australia’s new digital bank around your needs not ours, so you can get more of the things in life you really care about.

Why are we called Alex?

We get asked that a lot! We chose a person’s name based on our goal to humanise banking and truly understand your needs. Neither male nor female, Alex is a diverse, empathetic team whose aim is to make you feel understood, a team that gets you.

Our customer principles

Our products and services will always be built around the four key principles you’ve told us are important to you.


  • Quick application and get an outcome within hours
  • 100% digital process and online ID check
  • Automated income, expense and credit scoring


  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Uncomplicated forms and questions
  • Paperless process


  • A great rate, personalised to your financial position
  • No ongoing or hidden fees
  • Transparent loan process and decision making


  • Designed by humans for humans
  • Connect with us however you feel comfortable
  • We’re a team that really wants to help you

Already awarded by Australia’s leading comparison sites

The Alex customer values - Customer come first, We are one team, We are humble, We care, We go beyond

Our Values

Our team is guided by five key values on our journey to always provide you with a better banking experience.

We’re keen to keep improving and always happy to hear how we’re doing!
If you have any feedback, please chat with our team, email us at hello@alex.bank
or phone us on 1300 738 453

Our Oath

Our values are also underpinned by our 100% commitment to the Banking and Finance Oath (BFO).


The BFO is an initiative to build trust and confidence in the finance sector by holding individuals accountable to moral and ethical standards over and above regulation, compliance and professional standards.

Alex employees – April 2021

“The biggest difference I’ve found working at Alex is the culture of genuine customer care. Everything is truly made for our customers as real people, not as just another number on the board.”


“I know everything I do directly contributes to both our customers' goals and ours.”


“I want to make an impact, and everyone is encouraged to have a voice.”


“I believe we are creating something of value, something that will endure, something that takes enormous effort and teamwork to develop and sustain, something that is unique in its origin, present and future.”


“It’s a combination of things for me – the chance to work with such a diverse and creative group of people who are all dedicated to working together to achieve the same outcome. The teamwork, support and sense of community and belonging to something 'bigger' makes the difference – everyone genuinely cares not only about what we are doing but also about each other.”

Sinead - Head of People & Culture

Join our team

“We’re growing fast and on the lookout for talented people to join our team. We’re energised around doing things differently and not held back by traditional legacy banking. If this sounds like a team you would like to join, please connect with us on LinkedIn to explore roles or start a conversation.”

– Sinead | People & Culture Manager

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