The Alex App and Alex Online

Now rolling out in limited release

Alex Online in limited release

If you’ve been invited to join the group of customers trialling our new internet banking platform, Alex Online, you can login here.

If you’re not in this group, please keep an eye out on our website, Facebook page or the Apple and Google Stores.

If you’re in the trial group:
Login to Alex Online

Apply for a Personal Loan with Alex

No ongoing fees, no manual paperwork, no worries. Apply for a Personal Loan with Alex in just a few minutes, right from your phone.

Manage your personal loan

If you’re an Alex customer, you’ll be able to see your loan details in the app.

The Alex App will show the details of your repayment info, your account balance, and how to make additional payments.

You can even personalise your loan by adding a nickname.

Keep your details up to date

Easily update your phone number, password and login preferences including password, PIN or FaceID.